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Better Target Designation & Tracking for UAVs

Enabling drones to see more - By Matt Rabinovitch

August 05, 2020

Target Designation and tracking is an important feature for modern UAVs, and is often referred to as “Active Track” or “Follow Me”.

This allows UAV operators to select an an area, or object that they want to track.

Important features for Target Designation And Tracking Software:
  • Fast and simple designation on live video
  • Ability to select arbitrary patches or objects within a scene
  • Ability to recognize declining tracking quality and recover from occlusion
  • Ability to designate and track small or large objects
  • Fast, accurate and robust with minimal resource utilization
  • Easily integrated into a variety of hardware platforms

Teleidoscope’s Solution

Teleidoscope’s vision API comes with a built in designator that not only solves for the above, but also allows operators to select any arbitrary object or patch within the scene. This is different than other solutions that are limited to selecting and tracking predefined objects like vehicles and people.


Below is a video demonstrating the Single Point Designator and RAD Tracker:

At the core of Teleidoscope's vision API is it's proprietary RAD tracker. More technical details on RAD at the following links: