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Better Computer Vision and Tracking for COVID-19 Response

Teleidoscope's tracking applied to COVID-19 - By Matt Rabinovitch

February 15, 2021

Well-trained computer vision and tracking solutions are needed in detecting virus-specific abnormalities at a country’s entry points including large airports and ports, railway stations, and so on. Specifically better computer vision and tracking solutions are needed to understand human movement patterns and to ensure spaces are designed in ways that allow for appropriate human distancing.

Problems with existing systems

Existing systems are good at detecting people, but continuously tracking them in cluttered environments is not well solved. This is where Teleidoscope’s tracking software comes into play.

Teleidoscope’s Solution

Teleidoscope’s software can track objects, including people in excessively difficult environments, and through full and partial occlusion. This is of extreme importance to understanding long term movement of people through a space and for contact tracing.

Solving for outbreaks requires a multifaceted approach, and needs a wide range of companies and technologies to come together. The importance of computer vision and visual tracking as a key component of this solution should not be understated.

Teleidoscope’s Visual Object Tracking Framework

The RAD tracker is at the core of Teleidoscope’s visual tracking framework which was designed with these issues in mind. Recovery and self-diagnostics are just some of the features that set RAD apart. Teleidoscope continues to focus on pushing the needle forward in the visual tracking space while applying it to some of the worlds most critical needs.